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Red Swing Coffee Story

Who doesn’t love an excuse to go swing?

Our journey began many years ago on a RED SWING. 


Our first conversations, our first what if’s, our plans for the future -  all began in a RED SWING in Brittney’s parents’ backyard. The RED SWING has become a symbol for our relationship and love for one another and currently resides in our own backyard.

In July 2021, we purchased a bakery and knew it was only a matter of time before it would develop into something more. Something began to brew in our hearts. We wanted to create a common place for people to come together, to enjoy each other’s company, and in essence, “somewhere you feel free.” We wanted to pair our sweets treats with savory drinks. After searching for the right place, we discovered a place downtown Owensboro; the perfect place to serve the entire community in a central location. The location comes with a view of the blue bridge and convenient access to walk the beautiful riverfront. ​

This place we call RED SWING COFFEE.

Swinging as a child represents freedom and joy. In fact, swings at any age can be enjoyed and can even be a place where memories are made. It’s fun to be a kid again, especially if you get to share the moment with your own kids, friends, or loved ones.  Swinging brings back some of our fondest memories and flashbacks of our childhood; hot summer days chasing someone and tiring out on the swing. We hope that great memories are made at the RED SWING whether it be on a first date, with a study group, catching up with friends, or merely by yourself enjoying a time of self-reflection. 

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you feel free, while also providing decadent sweet treats, delicious meal items, and the best dose of caffeine in town. We want all of our customers to find peace, a sense of freedom, and hopefully so much more at RED SWING COFFEE.

Brandon & Brittney Dukes


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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